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Delhi Durbar book Reviews

Book Review: Delhi Durbar

Author: Satya Vyas

Price: Rs. 150 (paper back)

Hind Pukh (201B Pocket A, Mayur Vihar Phase-2, Delhi-91) and Westland Limited (93, First Floor, Shyam Lal Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi-02)

Delhi Durbar book Reviews
Delhi Durbar Book Reviews

Like formula films, formula books in Hindi these days have passed. You can neither call this phase very good nor it will be right to dismiss it completely as bad, because these books have a big contribution in pulling and keeping readers away from Hindi. We are doing this here because the novel Delhi Durbar is nothing, it falls completely in this category.

The novel Delhi Darbar is the story of two friends Rahul Mishra and Mohit Singh. Rahul aka Pandit is the protagonist of the story and Mohit means the bush narrator. Both come to Delhi from Tatanagar in Jharkhand to make a career. If Mohit is a nerd then Rahul Khiladar While Mohit focuses his attention on studies, Rahul is trying to prove that he was born to love. The heroine of the story is Paridhi, who is the daughter of the hero’s landlord Batuk Sharma. Apart from his special style, Batuk Sharma, Mahika Raizada and Chhotu are also the main supporting characters. The chemistry of Rahul and Paridhi is good. Batuk laughs with his bad English till the end. After all the film twists, the story ends with Rahul and Paridhi’s marriage.

There is no doubt that this novel will entertain you a lot, but at the level of the story you are not going to get anything new in it. The plot of many recent Hindi novels was similar, but the treatment of the Delhi Durbar is funny. Simple syntax, strong humor and language matching the characters will keep you hooked. To keep the language interesting and entertaining, the author should be given full numbers, but the plot will be considered repetitive to many readers, which can be considered as a weak side.

By the way, the author’s first novel Banaras Talkies was also successful in entertaining the readers due to its unique dialogues found in Desaj Boli. The writer who uses the language so well, should be expected to get out of his shell and write on other subjects as well. If this is the guess then people will definitely like their writing.

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Delhi Durbar Book Reviews

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Delhi Durbar Book Review
Delhi Durbar Book Review

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