There are a lot of people out there in this world who want to know how to write a book and get it published or someone just search this topic just for knowledge purpose how-to-write-a-book-and-get-it-published in a simple way people just want to know sometime how this process work writing a book to publish it.

Write a book and get it published on interned as an eBook or as a physical book.

AS a blogger I also use to think about writing a book and I use to wonder and think about it like how people write a book and their determination. So now I’ve done some research and I’m going to show you how the process works in writing a book step by step.

To write a book you need a fresh story?

Yes to write a book you really need a fresh story and a story that people want to read and want to engage. So the story must be engaging and fresh. You have to have the storytelling idea so that you can convince your audience.

You should also know about the audience to which you are writing for. But yeah if you don’t have any idea to write then you can try reading a lot of books to get the knowledge about writing. And when you’ll figure out then you can start writing.

Try to understand the concept of any book or purpose of any book.

Like if you want to write a motivational book then you should read a book related to motivation. So you can connect your idea and knowledge while you are writing.

Let’s understand step by step.

Step 1:- Find a strong idea that uses five-element on your book which makes sense to your audience out there who is read your book. (who, what, why, how, where and when) and to create intrigue.


These five elements are a very strong element that can make your book a great book. Without this, you can’t think about writing a book. For example my blog you are reading right now. you ask a question to google And this post providing you the answer. The topic you have searched for.

Step 2:- Create a plot outline in your story that will give you an overview of how you want to present your story to that audience. Also when you want to put an interesting movement in your story.

Step 3:- Before creating a plotline you need to research your character and put it on a document containing information about your creator facts professionally. so you can decide which character plays which role and when.

step 4:- Seating timing for a book. yeah setting the timing for your book and novel that in how many days you’re going to complete reading that book at any coast. It will be very beneficial for you I’m telling you. you will be able to analyze and manage your time and give your time for books. you should have been constant because “Content is the key to success”.

“Content is the key to success”.

If you don’t constent with your work then you will be not geting success.
  • Set timing for everything like whatever you do. you should follow the time. you should learn about the time management system.

Step-5:- Budget for self-publishing your book.

you should understand and study your budget so you can spend your money properly. you have to know where you have to spend how much money.

Like for book publishing how much money you have to give for only publishing a book but you have to also have to pay for printing books.

you also have to pay for marketing your books. so that’s why understanding our budget is so important.

Research on the topic, on which you want to write a book

I have told you already that if you want to write a book you have to research it. you have to study more about the topic.

you have to figure out new concepts and secrets to write your own book.

you have figure hidden in creative information about writing a book. Hidden means that information that nobody has shared in his / her book yet. like you can write about your own experience and your own knowledge to the audience but in a different way.

Outline your book

when you write a book and you write with an outline step by step then it’s easy to write and it takes less time to write your book. now understand what is an outline and how you’re going to write it.

You have to extract the ideas that you wanted to write about. Then you have to turn them into provisional chapter titles and recorded them on fifty index cards, one for each potential chapter.

On each card,  you have to create a rough list of ideas in the form of five-to-ten bullet points. You also have to note other books and stories to reference.

Then you can pin these index cards to a wall near where you write so you could live with this outline for a few weeks.

You have to spend several more weeks working on the outline before transferring it to the computer and expanding upon each bullet point. It can take less time too, it depends on you how fast you are.

Write an outline to help guide you in the right direction, making sure your chapters follow a logical progression.
Establish your book controlling idea
  • What am I trying to say?
  • Who or what is the subject of my book?
  • From what point of view is my book?
  • What is the core value underpinning my book? How is my book different from everything else that’s out there?




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