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There are lot of people who is searching on google how to write a book and get it published. They want to publish it as a physical book or as an eBook on the internet.

EBook as in There are lot of people in this world who is searching on google how to write a book and get it published.

They want to publish it as a physical book or as an eBook on the internet. EBook as in there are lot of people out there who like to read books online.

But Questline still remain how to write a book and published it so people can read a book written by you.

It feel so exciting to write a book and get it published and see the reader, actually reading you brook even whole world reading your book.

You get some fame that also and calling yourself an author. You feel more confident.

I’m telling you this kind of things because when I use to think like that when I wanted to be a blogger I wanted to write and don’t know how to write but still I’m doing it. I also did research on how to write a book and now I’m going to tell you.

To write a book you need a fresh story and idea?

Yeah right to write a book you really need a fresh story and a story telling idea. Means try to present your idea to the people in that way that, those people will like it and they have to like it or even they don’t want to read it but the story of the book will make then to read that book. I hope you will understand what I want to say.

*Story must be like that which can convince the audience to stick to the book and to read it*.

“But what if you don’t have any fresh idea but you still want to write a book” in that case what you have to do is you have to read A lot of books and get some idea from them and absorbed that how the book is written what’s the book is actually trying to say and the content how they have represented it.

Make a note write down what you want to write about and the research on it. Ask some question what you want to read in a book. So that kind of inspiration will lead you to write a book and you will do it no worry.

Just you have to do some hard work for that. You can improve you still in writing and you can join some summer training courses or workshop on writing a book.

Ok Now focus on the steps how to actually write a book or process of writing a book and get it published.

Step 1:- Find a strong idea

Finding a strong idea that uses these five element on your book which make sense to the book. (Who, what, why, where and when) and to create intrigue.

These five element is the key and very strong element. Which can make your normal book a grate book and without it you can’t think about writing a book.

Think about this post if you haven’t asked a question to the google you were not reading this post. And if you enjoying this post to reading then you want to read more if it is interesting. So this is how it works.

Step 2:- Create a plot line

Creating a plot line for your story that will gives you an overview of how you want to present your story and when you want to put an interesting movement in your story.

Like a boss and so you can create a flash back scene in your story. so then you will get the poin how to write a book and get it published.

Step 3:- Create a research document

By creating your research document of your character and put it on that document containing all the information about the character and its facts in a professional way so you don’t have to think again and again that which character play which role or when.

Step 4:- Seating a timing

It is very important to set a time so you can manage the time properly. So you can give you proper time to the writing and it will create more focus on your mind that you have to that work on that time period.

You have to complete you book at that time period so you can published it as soon as possible so people can read it.

And you can market it. Time will increase you focus level and constancy level. Because someone says “constant is the key to success”.

Step 5:- Revising

You know in study revision or in any work as we call practice is so necessary so that in writing Revising is so important.

Even if you are writing a blog, preparing for an exam you are studding and writing a novel or writing an eBook or a book.

You have to revise blog, book, and novel carefully, clarifying elements such as sentence structure and ambiguous pronounces. So be careful and revise it at list once so you can edit it properly.

Step 6:- Hire a skilled editor

Hiring a skilled editor is very important for you and your book because you’re hiring that person who can really help you and who fully understands the publishing industry and can help polish your book.

And because he knew all about the publishing industry so he can make some strategy and edit your book on that bases so you don’t have to struggle and publisher will easily publish your book.

*Publishing a book is not so easy*

Why it not easy because the publisher not going to publish any kind of book if he will think this or that book is not well written or well edited.

They also have some reputation to maintain and if they publish book which is not going make review for them or you then they will not publish your book so in this case you have to hire a book editor.

Note: – If you think you can edit your book yourself then you don’t have to hire any editor

Step 7:- Rewrite the first page

Rewrite the first page is important to hook reader and the last to leave a lingering impression. Make your title stand out by evoking curiosity.

As we talked about to making a creative content which can attract people. But making an attractive title is more important because we know “first impression is the last impression”.

Step 8:- Read through submission guideline

You have to follow the submission guideline so for that Read through submission guideline and make sure you craft a confident, to the point query letter. And make sure your book is not ready to publish.

Step 9:- Submit and make sure your query   

Making an outline of your book is also an important part for your book. So Submit and make sure your query is personalized for the recipient and has a strong hook. 100-200 words outlining the meat of your story. (We also call it a short summary of your whole story or summary of your book).

Step 10:- keep submitting

As I told you above some of book publisher will not publish your book if your story it not so effective so in that case you have to keep submitting: – don’t give up if your manuscript is turned down.

Learn from patterns in “no” responses so you can tweak and improve. After improving try to submit it again if the decline you should look for other publisher who can publish it you also have to convince them so they publish it or if they agreed then you’re good to go.

*So good luck for you upcoming book.*

Note: – you should also make a grate design book cover to look good.☺

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