How To Write A Book Review for beginners

How to write a book reviews for beginners

How To Write A Book Review for beginners

All you need to know about writing

“This book is good”

An important Reviewers

How to write a book review for beginners!

There are a lot of ways to learn how to write a book review for beginners and also for professionals. And I just want you to learn for me. whatever I have learned I will try to teach you how I did. and how you can also learn it.


First, we will know what is book review? And then we will learn how to write it.

Books review is a form of describing your thoughts and giving your opinion on that book which you are going to review. It can be An opinion based and Summarised or Scholarly Review. And you describe the detail on the basis of analyzed based on content, style, and merit.

Do you know how to write a book review? I didn’t and I thought I have to learn how to write book reviews. So i started reading blogs, articles and started watching YouTube videos. I learned it and I noticed some common words and sentence or paragraph that is mostly used by the book reviewers. I’m not talking about an expert but most of them use this kind of rules and steps to write book reviews. it is also the easiest way to write book reviews for beginners and professionals.

Still a lot of things I have to learn.

some important things to do before writing a book review.

you have to observe other writers how they write the book review and Make a note somewhere so you can follow step by step process to write a good review. But you have to read a lot of books to write book review so you will understand the writing process. Read the whole book carefully and note some important paragraph that you think you should put it on your book review blog. Because starting with making notes is a good way to start writing.

Now we going to learn how to write a Review.

Firstly you have to write Title of the blog so choose carefully. you are going to put it on the title box. The title is very important for any blog and I Recommande to choose attractive Title which people can see and get attracted to the title.

  • Author Name:- you have to write the Author name first.
  • Paperback:- how many pages in the book which you have read.
  • Publisher’s:- Name write the Name of a publisher who published the
  • Book. Language:- In which language this is Written. (English or Hindi).
  • Date:- Write the published date when the book was getting published.

Preface or introduction:-

In starting try to write important information about the authors or the scope and vision of the book. Now start with describing a book content what is it about a little bit Like this, suppose I’m writing about a book which called Pyjama Profit so we start like this.

Pajama profit A millennial guide to a Sustainable freelance career in this book. the Author Varun mayya & Abhinav Chhikara talks about how he succeed as a freelancer. and the journey to become an entrepreneur and how you can also get a successful career as a freelancer. So this book is a good book for freelancers.

so in this paragraph, you write about the author and his success and you also write about which topic book about. purpose of just a small paragraph but you can add more words if you’re comfortable with it. it is also a good thing because if you provide more content then people will like to read about it. but don’t make it so long.

now you’re going to talk about the books and here the magic of making notes will work. because you don’t have to remember again and again. what you write because you have already written it. It will be easier for you to write an review you. here you will talk about it. what actually is book about and all the details. you have to write everything about the book in a small sentence that an author has provided on the book.

you should also write your own opinion about the book. what you think about the book? do you like this book or not? if you like this book then why and if not then why not. Do you going to recommend this book to your audience and your’re readers. or if not then why.

Provide the rating based on your opinion on how much do you like. how many stars do you want to give to this book? out of 5 or out of 10 and that things also matter.

Important things to remember also write some quotes that relate to this story or book. when you’re starting to write the review or middle of the review and in the last.


And you’re ready to publish your book review on your site or deliver your book review to your clients.

“The gift here is to make you want to read on”

jeffrey Archer

Thank you Ajeet Kumar

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