The human brain and functional area of our brain

The human brain and functional area of our brain are the two most important Question and everyone want to know about it as I was curious about it through. So I did research and provided some important information about Brain.
The human brain

The brain is a very important part of the Human body. It rises our perception and mental power (memory). It helps to understand the feeling, it shapes our speech and our thoughts process.

Yet it is perhaps the part of our body which we tend to neglect the most. The Human Brain Is so complex.

This intricate web of nerves, which is the neutral product of hundreds of years of our evolution.

As a very important part of our body which also manages our whole body that how a body part reacts and how it works at the very current time. It is faster than the computer.

Our human brain learns by itself by the intake of lots of information and experience.

We intake a lot of information some are positive and some are negative, we also do some mistakes and solve the mistake again so it helps you understand all the different situations how we react to any situation.

Like if you think positive you’ll be happy and when you think negative you’ll be negative and

depressed and our mind helps to change our thoughts and be positive if you want.

So here’s a question comes in our mind

can you control our minds?

The answer is yes you can. We’ll talk about it later.

There are a lot of people who use to take our mind on granting, believing that is there any way to improving our brain that we are born with and what can we do and how we can do it.

Some people believe it’s impossible but they are wrong, we can improve our mind and our mind power so we can control it.

Now Look How are mind works

There is a web of nerves, which is a natural product of hundreds of years of evolution, somehow manages to regulate all the systems in the body, and at the same time absorbs and learns from a continual intake of new experiences.

This article will help you to considerably increase your brainpower and go some way to its full potential.

Gymnasts are able to improve their performance and increase their chances of success, at whatever level they are competing by means of punishing training schedules and refinement of technique.

In the same way, we provide you with a series of mental gymnastics to give you the opportunity to maximize your brain potential.

Although it is helpful to have some understanding of the composition of the brain itself.

let’s concentrate on several main areas of brain function,

creative thinking, memory, logical thought, the agility of mind and intelligence,

by means of a series of test and exercises which are designed to be a fun way of stimulating brain activity in these areas.

we all have the capacity to put our brain to even more use by exploring new avenues, experiences and learning adventures. we belives this blog will be just the start of such an adventure for many of my readers. power and / power and /

About the brain

Invertebrates the brain is the portion of the central nervous system within the skull. in humans,

it is a mass of pink -grey tissue composed of about 100 billion nerve cells and weighing 3lb (1.3 kg).

Each of these brain cells is linked to another, and collectively they are responsible for the control of the mental functions.

The brain comprises less than 2% of total body weight but requires 255 of our oxygen intake and 70% of our glucose supply.

The brain is not fully formed at birth, nor need it degenerate with age, As a brain cell is constantly renewed and circuitry carrying its messages can be improved.

it is the control center for virtually every vital activity necessary for survival, all human emotions including love, hate, anger, elation, and sadness, Are controlled by the brain.

It also receives and processes signals that are sent to it from other parts of the body and from sources external to the body.

the brain comprises three distinct but connected parts; the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brain stem. 

the largest part of the human brain is the cerebrum, which makes up approximately 85% of the brin’s weight. it is an intricately developed part of the brain.

which accounts for the superior intelligence of humans, compared with other creatures.

its large surface area is called the cortex and its complete functions are illustrated above. The cerebrum is divided by a fissure into identical right and left hemispheres.

In turn, each cerebral hemisphere is divided by fissures into five lobes. four of these lobes are named from occipital lobes.

The fifth lobes, the insula, is location internally and is not visible at the outside of the brain.

the cerebellum lies in the back of the cranium beneath the cerebral hemispheres and is called the vermis.

Three other bands of fibers (the cerebellar peduncles)

connect the cerebellum to the control of the movement of the human body in space and act as a reflex center for coordination and control all activity, from manipulating a pair of knitting needles to a batsman smashing a ball to the boundary. power and /
Brain Lateralization

the brain stem is made up of all the structures lying between the cerebrum and the spinal cord and is divided into several components including the thalamus,

  • hypothalamus,
  • midbrain,
  • medulla oblongata,
  • pons,
  • the limbic system, and
  • cranial nerves.

These components regulate are involved in many vital activities necessary for survival.

The hypothalamus, for example, is concerned with eating, drinking, temperature regulation, sleep, emotional behavior, and sexual activity, and with the medulla are the vital control centers for cardiac and respiratory functions as well as other rifles activities, including vomiting.

oxygen and glucose are supplied to the brain by two sets of cranial arteries known a the vascular system. below the neck,

each of the common carotid arteries divides into an external branch supplied by the two vertebral arteries and these join together with the two vertebral arteries to form the circle of Will is at the base of the brain of all the blood pumped by the heart,

25% is circulated with the brain tissue by a large network of cerebral and cerebellar arteries.

As can be seen in the above illustration, the cerebral cortex is subdivided into different functional areas.

The somatosensory ae, located behind the central fissure, receives impulses from the skin surface as well as from beneath the skin and,

therefore, possesses sensations such as touch and taste. In front of the central fissure is the somatomotor area which is responsible for the voluntary movement of body muscles.

the are of the cortex concerned with hearing is the auditory area, which is in the upper parts of the temporal lobe. The area for seeing, the visual cortex, is in the back portion, or occipital lobe and the are governing our sense of smell,

the olfactory area, is in the front portion of the temporal lobe. The area for language and speech, known as Broca’s area is responsible for our understanding of the speech and reading, which is between the auditory and visual areas.

A large portion of the cortex in humans is used for awareness, intelligence, and memory. In this frontal area,

the memory of a new experience is stored within nerve cells in the brain. when seen again,

the memory recalls and recognizes the experience. we will discuss memory in greater detail later.

The human brain is an infinitely complex subject and these complexities are the subject of much debate.

As technological methods become more advanced these issues will become increasingly of the brain such as strokes, brain disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and strokes, brain disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy.

In the meantime, we activity you to flex your mental muscles and indulge in mental activity to ward off neurodegeneration and make more and stronger connections between your nerve cells,

with the result that not only your mental but also your physical well-being will improve.

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