You had me once poem by Lang Leav book sea strangers

Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav

You had me once poem by lang leav is really Amazing and really Awesome. Everyone should read this book sea of strangers.

You had me once

You Had Me Once
You had me once—
wild and willing;

you wanted a lover
who took you to the edge.
Wasn’t it I—
who gave you that feeling?

A love that danced
upon a ledge.

Then came another
who offered you safety—
and you chose to be
with her instead.


There was a time when I thought I wanted more. When I saw the sky as a
soaring highway and the world as one big carousel. But those yearnings have grown so distant, ebbed so far away from me, they feel as though they belong to someone else.

All I want now is a rainy day, a roaring fire, you and I talking
about how quickly the time has gone.

It is the mark of a great poet to write words that feel as though they have stood witness to your most intimate memory of love.

Reclaiming the Sky

Ask the sun to relinquish
the sky to the moon.

Tell the moon to rise
with a fierce
unyielding vengeance.

Remind her it is now
her time to glow.

Moving On Leave him, let him go. Don’t be the crazy ex-girlfriend or the shoulder to cry on. You’re more than just an ego
boost, a story he can tell someone he’s trying to impress.

Just walk away with your head held high and don’t give him another
second of your time. I know you love him so much that every
step is killing you.

But this is the moment you’ll always look back
on as the day you put yourself first. Go and make something
beautiful of your life and I promise you, one day you’ll forget he
was ever there.

My father was a house,
my mother was a home.

We Never Broke Up

We never broke up. I am on my second cup of coffee and you’re just waking up.
The sun is streaming through the curtains and I go to kiss your back.
We never broke up. You find me on the bathroom floor again after a bad day. You pick me up and we talk it through. You tell me nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Not when we have each other.

We never broke up. It is two in the morning and we’re laughing so much, it
hurts. We keep telling each other to go to sleep, but neither one of us does. I was so happy— I could have died that night.

Sometimes I wish I had.
We never broke up. Only, we did. As I lie awake wishing, willing you here.
Dreaming of the day you’re in my arms again, asking me why did we ever break

Into Existence
If you wrote a line about me, it could never be false. Even if it is. Don’t you see?
You are writing me into existence, so please be careful with your words.


They put me in a gown and sat me in a chair and a man in a white coat showed
me picture card after card and said tell me the first thing that comes to your

First, he showed me a china plate and I said hunger.
Then he showed me a dead bird and I said, fallen.
Then he showed a picture of you.
I closed my eyes and said, broken.

Darts on a Board
I don’t know if it was me or her or the one who came before that. What did it matter? We were all just darts on a board, wishing we had hit the bulls-eye.

My thought on this poem

Lang Leav is the Best Poem I this she is just Amazing Like I’m reading her poetry from like 2 Months now but When even I read it, It’s touched my heart.

If you can read her book Sometimes then you’ll know how much she is an amazing writer and her poetry is Awesome.

I recommend you too read this book I’m telling you. You should read this.

And by the way, it’s my personal opinion because I don’t know if you will like her poetry or not but Most of the book reviewers will say she is Amazing.

So Read This poem And let me know how was it in the comment box.

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