Basic First AID Everybody Should Know

Every year many accidents occur. With some care, they can be prevented. In case and accidents does happen you can be of help if you first aid . Read each of the following carefully. You will be able to give vital fit aid if needed. Remember always to seek help from and adult immediately.   Do not move the casual unnecessarily. Keep him warm. Make a diagnosis, Decide the treatment and treat. Remember the ABC of first Aid . See if his airways are clear, that he is breathing, and his blood circulation is Patent. 1.       Respiration If it is failing. Give ARTIFICIAL RESPIRATION- MOUTH to MOUTH or MOUTH to NOISE   2 .       Bleeding Arrest the bleeding and protect wound. Apply Direct or indirect pressure. Cover with a dressing, apply a pad and firm with a bandage. Elevate. Keep at rest. 3.        Fractures IMMOBILISE   it with a well-padded stiff support reaching the joints on either side. Apply bandages on either side of the site and at the joints on either side support.
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